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Loose Diamonds

At Lorraine Efune, you’re buying “peace of mind”!

We’ll teach you the importance of the 4 C’s

Clarity… counts for up to 30% per grade increase in value.
Cut… creates the exceptional brilliance of a fine diamond, adding up to 40% to the value of the gem.
Colour… each colour grade adds 20 to 40% to the value of the stone.
Carat… as the carat weight increases, so does its rarity and value.

All our stones are accompanied by an accredited laboratory certificate. EGL and GIA are internationally recognised, providing you with a guaranteed and indisputable record of your stones quality. All our diamonds are sourced from ‘CONFLICT FREE AREAS’.

Our uncompromising integrity offers you the finest diamonds your money can buy.

There is a tax-free facility for all international tourists and overseas orders.

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